avocado egg bagel

Avocado & Egg Bagel

With sunny weather, I like my egg sunny side up! My favorite thing about summer is having lunch with friends and just enjoying the sun on a cozy terrace. It doesn't always have to be the terrace of a restaurant, however. A lunch with friends in your garden can be equally exciting! I love this simple recipe that is ready in 5 minutes, but is soooo tasteful, and I am sure you and your friends will like this too!

raspberry lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade

Now that finals are over, I can start to enjoy summer to the fullest! I cannot not drink a cocktail to celebrate the start of the summer, but when I like to keep it healthy, this is my go-to drink! The taste of the raspberries and lemon juice complement each other nicely and make for one of the best lemonades I have ever drunk. Most lemonade recipes add a ton of sugar, but I do not find that necessary. It may improve the taste by balancing the sour flavor from the raspberries and the lemon, but it makes the drink unhealthy too.